Kalanguya Proverbs

Red Eye

The eye is red

There is a wound it does not know

The head is aching

For sadness is what it has

His companion, he fights

He gets angry with his fellow

They are so critical.

Advise about disciplining Children

Discipline your children

To the good and right way

So that you can sit back and relax

For when they grow

They shall be responsible citizens

For if you don’t teach them

It is as if you never feed them.

Advise of Adam

Be careful guys, of the whore

For she has a painted face

To trap a man.

Advise of Eve

Be careful girls, of the deceitful guy

For he is so boastful

To deceive a woman.

Love Advise

Being married is good

Their camote is delicious

It’s useless to have meat for viand

If quarreling is what they do

For you can eat the bitter vine

If it is salted with love.

Advise to be Industrious

A man whose deeds are bad

And whose job is done no good

He does not have a care

His house lays in ruins.

But an industrious man

He will become a master

But a lazy man

He will become a servant

If you waste your time sleeping

You will surely become poor.

But if you wake up early

Your food will be abundant.



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